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CulturaItalia adheres to the technical accessibility standards detailed in the Ministerial Decree which puts into effect the Stanca Law (Law 4/2004 "Provisions to promote access to IT interfaces by disabled persons") and by the WCAG 1.0 guidelines set out by the international standard WAI Web Accessibility Initiative, an initiative of the global consortium W3C which is involved in the standardisation of website design.


The contents, information, and services available on CulturaItalia are available for all users, regardless of the operating system used, of the web navigation instruments used (different devices in terms of monitor, keyboard or mouse), of the browser options, and no matter what connection speed is available; access to service and information is therefore also extended to those who, because of a disability, require assistive technologies or special configurations.


From a technical standpoint, CulturaItalia has the following characteristics:

  • the layout was created using Strict XHTML 1.0
  • the system can be correctly utilised on various operating systems
  • no frames were used
  • the character font was set using relative dimensions
  • text equivalents were made available to provide the user the same information as the non-textual content
  • all informative elements and all functions are also available without colour
  • where there are no style sheets, the page will load properly
  • the page's contents can be adapted without running the risk of overlapping or omission of important information
  • the online forms are created in a way that those using assistive technologies will be aided in filling in fields
  • the pages can be used even where javascripts are not supported, or where they have been disabled in the navigation system by the user
  • the hyperlinks present in a page can be selected with instruments other than the mouse (keyboard or technology that simulates a keyboard)


To report any malfunction or to suggest improvements in service, please send an email to

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