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What contents does CulturaItalia offer?

CulturaItalia offers the oportunity to enter into contact with the rich and varied landscape of Italian culture, through a virtual exploration of the resources present throughout the Italian territory and by creating your own route through the information.

You will be able to search the integrated database (Index) ,which gathers millions of information elements on the cultural resources of the country, placed at your disposal by the Ministry and by the project partners, both public and private. To find out which contents are currently available in the Index, go to the section (link to content providers) .

CulturaItalia also reviews thousands of the most notable websites dedicated to the various disciplines in the field of Italian culture in order to offer you a useful road map for more knowledgeable navigation through the web, and to spotlight the numerous communication initiatives present on the internet. See website links, blog and forum.

The editing staff of the portal, furthermore, offers daily thematic itineraries, articles, event presentations and news to give you a sense of the current cultural panorama in Italy and to highlight the contents and information available in the Index s database. See the editorial menu below.


How do I search CulturaItalia?

You can browse the content resources in CulturaItalia by means of four access methods:

1. Index: by way of the fields Who, What, Where, When. To learn more about their function, please follow link to "What is the Index?". Once you have located the resource you are interested in, you can continue your research and further your understanding, by way of the link shown in the card, to the partner's website.

2. Themes: in the left-hand column, the thematic navigation menu allows for consultation of the Index s resource and the editorial articles relative to the principal thematic areas such as Visual Arts, Scientific Culture, Music, Museums, etc.

3. News Menu: in the horizontal bar situated below the heading you can consult the articles created by the central editing staff:

  • Cultural paths: Cultural-tourism and thematic itineraries organised in stops. Each itinerary includes a selection of resources from the Index and the websites.

  • Focus: Further Study and Interviews from the world of culture font.

  • Events: places for further study dedicated to the most important initiatives on the vast Italian cultural horizon.

  • Photos: photos.

  • Videos: videos.

  • Columns: Agenda, Walking around with the kids, Interviews and Restoring, are the columns to learn more about places and activities.

  • Specials: specials.

  • Surveys: surveys.

4. Geographic maps: by means of a map of Italy located on the right-hand side, you can select your region of interest and access the resources of the Index and the editorial articles related to that area. In each page dedicated to that region, it is possibile, by clicking on the map of the region on the right-hand side, to consult the resource of the Index directly on the geographic map.


How searches are performed

If you are looking for a specific item, insert one or more words in the text box on the right and click on the go button:

The results will be displayed divided into two subgroups: results from the Index and results from the editorial pages. The Index results will then be displayed according to further subgroups which correspond to subdivisions by subject utilised in the thesaurus.

If you want to perform more refined searches, you can select the filters available in the "Advanced search" function.


What services are offered?

You can register with CulturaItalia and access the services in the Staff Area.

In the Staff Area it is possibile to save bookmarks of the editorial articles you prefer, or to manage a planner where you can record news and events. The Newsletter, which is issued weekly, will be sent to you so that you can be constantly updated with news from CulturaItalia.

You can notify the editing staff of CulturaItalia of web resources (websites, but also documents in Word or PDF format, video, audio accessibile online) through the form Let us know . The notifications will be evaluated and published in the Index of CulturaItalia.


CulturaItalia in five points

CuturaItalia is a public project, by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and Tourism (MiBACT).

CulturaItalia is based on a collaborative network of public and private institutions. By way of the participation of new content providers.

CulturaItalia promotes the inter-functionality of online contents.

CulturaItalia publishes.

CulturaItalia is participating in the creation of the Italial Digital Library.

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