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Maria Cristina Carlini, the possibilities of matter

The sculptor exhibits her recent work at Villa Recalcati, Varese, including sculptures in gres porcelain, iron, steel, and resin

From 22 July to 26 August, Villa Recalcati, which houses the Varese Provincial Administration, will host a personal exhibition by the sculptor Maria Cristina Carlini, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni. The exhibition features large and medium-size sculptures displayed in the 18th century villa’s room, while monumental sculptures are on display in the villa’s gardens.
The exhibition focuses on the artist’s recent output, and features works completed between 2004 and 2012, including 2004’s Gaza in gres porcelain, 2006’s Rags (gres porcelain and iron), Wall 2007 (gres porcelain and iron), Stone garden 2008 (11 elements, steel, and resin). There are also several works from 2012 that have never been exhibited before, such as Islands in the current (gres porcelain and COR-TEN steel), Threshold (COR-TEN steel), and Woodland (18 elements, iron), some of the most important works the artists has created over her lengthy career.
After her debut in the field of ceramics in Palo Alto, California, in the early 1970s, Maria Cristina Carlini began to experiment with the expressive potential of numerous materials, such as gres porcelain, iron, COR-TEN steel, wood, and resin for models and sculptures, including monumental ones. Upon her return to Europe in 1978, she began to stage her first exhibitions, both personal and collective ones, in numerous private and public international venues, including the Royal Palace of Turin (2005) and the Villa Pisani National Museum in Stra, Venice (2005), the State Archives in Rome (2006), the National Library in Cosenza (2008), the State Archives in Milan (2008), the International Biennial of Sculpture at Racconigi Castle (2010), and the Archives of the Scuola Romana (2011-2012). Her monumental sculptures can be seen in the historic city centres of Paris and Madrid, and in front of the Italian Embassy in Beijing, a city where the artist also took part in the Biennial, and in Miami, where one of her most important monumental sculptures, Icarus, inaugurated the new Sculpture Park in the Corpus Christi Church in 2011.
The Varese exhibition is the only initiative dedicated to a female artist in the “Sculptors at Villa Recalcati” series, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, which over the last three years saw the participation of Gio’ Pomodoro, Giancarlo Sangregorio, Vittorio Tavernari, and Nino Cassani, all of whom have close ties to the Varese area, either because they were born or worked there. Their works will become part of a permanent sculpture collection in the gardens of Villa Recalcati. The exhibition has been designed and staged by the Province of Varese.
Maria Cristina Carlini, Gaza, copyright Matteo Chigorno, front, 2004
Maria Cristina Carlini, Gaza, copyright Matteo Chigorno, front, 2004

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