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"Architecture worldwide", the global challenges of design

An exhibition at Milan’s Triennale focuses on infrastructure and new landscapes

Roads, railways, airports, and other infrastructure linking people and places to enhance activities and relationships are the focus of "Architecture worldwide: infrastructure, mobility, new landscapes ", running from 9 October to 10 February, 2013 at the Milan Triennale. The title references the infrastructure that makes the world go round and, increasingly, gives it shape. In particular, the exhibition aims to provide food for thought on the value added by architectural quality, multi-functionality, and environmental compatibility in terms of aesthetic, social, and environmental improvements.
The exhibition has four sections, the first of which is a historical introduction. The others focus on Italian production, foreign products, and design and planning on a global scale.
A large slice of 20th century history is explored. Among the works on display are Le Corbusier’s drawings for Algiers and Chandigarh, Eero Saarinen’s plans for the Helsinki train station, and those of Hans Poelzig for the Klingerberg dam. Other projects of social or environmental interest include the Moscow subway, the Ljubljana river promenade designed by Jože Plecnik, and Rino Tami’s Ticino motorway. Particular attention is devoted to Italian engineering in the 1950s and 1960s.
The international section is divided by theme, and provides an up-to-date catalogue of projects that can serve as models.
The Italian section focuses on several successful projects in Reggio Emilia, Naples, Perugia, and Venice.
Finally, the attention shifts to colossal works to protect from sand or wind damage, on hydraulic or energy infrastructure that have been built or are being built in Africa, China, and Central and South America, in addition to historic projects carried out in the U.S.S.R. or in the United States during the New Deal.
Throughout the exhibition, 45 special focus areas examine a different city each, presented by young architects and researchers who live and work abroad, or have done so in the past.
Architecture worldwide: infrastructure, mobility, new landscapes, Milan Triennale
Architecture worldwide: infrastructure, mobility, new landscapes, Milan Triennale


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