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“A look eastwards”, a world in transition

An exhibition in Treviso by collective of artists from the former Soviet Union features 150 small-format works of great expressive variety

One hundred and fifty small format works by artists from the former Soviet Union are on display at “A look eastwards", an exhibition running from 17 September to 16 October at Treviso’s Spazi Bomben. The collective exhibition provides an overview of the varied contemporary artscape in the area. It is the brainchild of Luciano Benetton, and reflects his extensive travels in Europe and Asia, his passion for Kandinskij and early 20th century avant-garde artists, and his interest in the developments that followed Socialist Realism. The exhibition is curated by Vasilij Starcev and staged by Diana Gentili of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche.
The artists on display were asked to abide by one rule: to use 10x12 cm canvases. Apart from this constraint and a shared transition towards modernity, the exhibition reveals a great variety of ideas, styles, and techniques. Indeed, the artists are quite heterogeneous in terms of origin (over fifty different towns), training, and age; they include established masters and emerging youngsters from countries as disparate as Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.
The exhibition is one of several initiatives spearheaded by Benetton, through its creative workshop Fabrica, to celebrate the Year of Italian Culture and Language in Italy and Italian Language and Culture in Russia. These initiatives also include a video retrospective at Moscow’s Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and participation in the event “Contemporary Italian Social and Cultural Communication Design” at Rome’s Macro Testaccio, with a selection of social campaign posters. The catalogue is published by Skira. “A look eastwards” follows hot on the heels of "Ojo Latino", a collective exhibition dedicated to Latin America; this exploration of international art will continue in the coming years with initiatives focusing on China, Oceania, and Africa.
Dar’ja Usova, Untitled, 2010, collage on canvas cm 10х12, part of a quadryptych
Dar’ja Usova, Untitled, 2010, collage on canvas cm 10х12, part of a quadryptych

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