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In Turin, it’s Artissima time

Hundreds of established and emerging galleries meet up in Turin for the eighteenth edition of the international fair. A group exhibition brings together 25 contemporary artists in Pescara while at Piacenza there is an exhibition on the Great War and in Cosenza there is the exhibition “Le strade del paesaggio” - “The streets of the landscape”

On at the Oval in the Lingotto Exhibition Centre in Turin from the 4th to 6th November is “Artissima 18”, the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, this year, for the second time, under the artistic direction of Francesco Manacorda. The event is now well-established on the national and international contemporary art scene as a privileged vantage point on the best work in the field of visual arts, that, with the 2011 edition, will be seeking to further enhance its quality and international scope, whilst, at the same time providing a new impetus to the strong experimental vocation that has characterized previous editions. 161 galleries, 58 Italian and 103 foreign, are exhibiting, divided into four sections. The “Main section”, which gathers together the most representative galleries on the world art scene, chosen by the selection committee, the “New Entries”, reserved for the most exciting young galleries, with less than five years of activity and exhibiting for the first time at Artissima, “Present Future”, dedicated to sixteen emerging artists invited by a team of international curators and galleries and exhibited by their referring galleries and “Back to the Future”, a Section inaugurated in 2010 with the intention of drawing attention to artists active in the sixties and seventies who have enjoyed limited recognition in recent decades, but whose work is particularly significant today. Among the novelties this year is “Artissima Lido”, an initiative that provides a programme of shows and events outside the exhibition and its opening hours, in the centre of Turin. Also back with 500 artists and creative young people in more than 150 locations for five days of shows, exhibitions and street performances is the event “Paratissima”, the “off” event  of “Artissima” that from 2nd to 6th November brings art to the streets, houses, courtyards, craft shops, local shops and historical buildings in the district of San Salvario and into contact with residents and the general public.
“Distillati d'arte contemporanea - 25 artisti per il Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo” (“Distillates of Contemporary Art - 25 artists for the Museum of the Peoples of Abruzzo”) opens from 5th – 22nd November at the the Aurum exhibition space in Pescara. On show are the works of 25 artists of the highest standards, that with their support have made this initiative possible. Together they represent a diverse and stimulating framework of contemporary Italian art. At the end of the exhibition, all the exhibits, generously donated by artists, will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to finance the activities of the Foundation Genti d'Abruzzo (Peoples of Abruzzo). Getulio Alviani, Nanni Balestrini, Vincenzo Balsamo, Domenico Bianchi, Tommaso Cascella, Enrico Castellani, Bruno Ceccobelli, Marco Cingolani, Gianni Dessì, Nunzio Di Stefano, Giosetta Fioroni, Omar Galliani, Marco Gastini, Luigi Mainolfi, Renato Mambor, Gino Marotta, Gianmarco Montesano, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Concetto Pozzati, Medhat Shafik, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Tino Stefanoni, Marco Tirelli and Claudio Verna are the artists participating in the initiative curated by Roberto Rodriguez. The works will be auctioned on December 4th at the Museum in the Sala Giovanni Favetta.
“Ragazzi. Piacentini alla guerra del ‘15-‘18”, (“Young lads of Piacenza in the war of ‘15-‘18”), the exhibition at the State Archives of Piacenza - Palazzo Farnese, opens from November 4th to February 20th with an exhibition designed to investigate the events of the war at that time. Promoted by the State Archive in cooperation with the Institute for History of the Resistance and the Contemporary Age of Piacenza and the contribution of the Municipality, the Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation, Gregori Gaetano S.a.s and Edilerica S.r.l, the exhibition, staged for the occasion of the celebrations of the Unification of Italy, focuses on the events in the lives of soldiers from Piacenza who fought in the First World War. The documents on display, mostly unpublished, come largely from the Archives, but also from public collections and private collectors. Also on display are photographs, letters, diaries, medals, plaques and personal items of the combatants. From the exhibition emerge the differences between the war conveyed by the propaganda at the time, which put across the idea of ​​a vigorous army and a life in the trenches at the front that was almost normal, and the war as experienced by soldiers themselves, who describe difficult living conditions in which they pass from initial enthusiasm to despair.
The Museum of Arts and Crafts of Cosenza hosts the fifth edition of “Le strade del paesaggio”, (“The streets of the landscape”), an exhibition that combines visual arts, music, conferences and training courses, aimed at using culture as an engine for local development. Organized and funded by the Province of Cosenza, the festival opens on November 4th with two exhibitions: “Astarte & Zanardi, Andrea Pazienza at the war” curated by Marina Comandini and “Annibale - Segni e disegni di un mito”, (“Hannibal - Signs and drawings of a myth” ), a European collective in which various artists have given faces and colour to the story by Paolo Rumiz. Artistic and musical performances will accompany the opening day, along with a section dedicated to children curated by the publisher Coccole & Caccole. The festival activities will continue for about a month and there will be workshops and training courses on set design and illustration, aimed at the creation and publication of a comic book. The teachers will be writer and journalist Sergio Nazzaro and the illustrator Max Frezzato

Gabriele Picco: Moka Painting. Artissima 18
Gabriele Picco: Moka Painting. Artissima 18

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