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In Irpinia among Longobard castles

In the province of Avellino, from Lauro to Taurasi, ancient castles, which have undergone many changes over the centuries, are waiting to be discovered

Lauro | Avella | Bisaccia | Grottolella | Mercogliano | Montemiletto | Manocalzati | Taurasi

Our journey through the best-preserved castles in the province of Avellino continues in Montemiletto, home of the Norman-era Castle of Leonessa, belonging to the de Tocco aristocratic family. The castle stands on a rise overlooking the surrounding landscape and the valley of the Calore and Sabato rivers. Seriously damaged during a siege by the above-mentioned Count de Tocco in 1419, it was subsequently converted into an aristocratic residence in the 16th century, which explains the presence of Renaissance-era architectural elements.
Castle of Montemiletto
Castle of Montemiletto


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