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Literary prizes, a cultural and market challenge

The prizes awarded to writers are numerous and diverse in terms of their history and approaches. They can be awarded by specialized juries or by the public at large, and have been established by intellectuals, foundations, or booksellers. Below are some of the main prizes in the fiction sector

Strega Prize | Campiello Prize | Bancarella Prize | Flaiano Prize for Literature | Mondello Prize | Viareggio Prize

Widely acknowledged as one of the most important literary awards in Italy, the Campiello Prize was established in Venice in 1962 by the Veneto Industrialists’ Association, with the aim of carving out a niche for industrialists from Veneto in Italy’s cultural scene. The Campiello Prize follows a two-step procedure: first, a technical jury, the “jury of scholars”, composed of literary critics, writers, and literature scholars select five novels from the pool of participants and submit them to the jury of readers, also known as the “jury of the 300”, which decrees the winner.
The prize includes several other categories, such as the Campiello Giovani Prize for young writers and Campiello Europa, which aim to reach out and involve as broad an audience as possible. In 2004, the  Campiello Foundation established the Premio Campiello Opera Prima award for first-time authors. The first edition of the prize took place on the island of San Giorgio in Venice in 1963, and was won by Primo Levi’s novel The Truce.
The Campiello Prize’s logo
The Campiello Prize’s logo

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