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Biking through Val Venosta

The bike trails from Passo Resia to Merano take you into nature, through little towns, and by churches, castles and museums

Passo Resia | San Valentino alla Muta | Glorenza | Sluderno | Lasa | Naturno | Merano

The bike trail in Val Venosta is the most beautiful in all Trentino Alto Adige; it is nearly entirely paved, and very clearly marked. Leading you through green valleys lined with fruit trees, the trail is best visited in the spring, when the entire valley fills with colors and aromas. The trail connects Passo Resia to Merano and runs through some tracks on the ancient Via Claudia Augusta Altinate. This road was built by Druso around 15 B.C. at the time of the campaign against the Reti, and was then consolidated by his son Claudius; its trajectory heads from Germany across Austria, Alto Adige, Trentino and Veneto before ending at the Adriatic Sea.

As a support to the ride on the trail, the Val Venosta train is quite useful. In fact, it runs parallel to the trail for much of its course and stops in all the towns on the circuit. It is possible to board your bike at any one of the stops and return to the starting point. The train service also offers another possibility: visitors can rent bikes and all the necessary equipment and deposit it at the end of their chosen itinerary.

The stretch of trail running from Passo Resia to Merano (about 82 kilometers), is level and easy enough to be suitable for children over age eight. Each town along the trail, in fact, offers a variety of places to eat, as well as interesting places to visit.
Bike riders on the trail
Bike riders on the trail

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