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Focus 13/12/2012

MuseiD-Italia is born, an online digital display case for sites of cultural interest

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage’s project on Italy’s museums, integrated with CulturaItalia, will be available online within the next few days. This comprehensive registry will make it possible to search for and admire masterpieces of art from a great many different collections

Thanks to the participation of hundreds of Italian regional and state museums, the MuseiD-Italia digital project is kicking off. This digital library of Italy’s most important museum collections has been promoted and created by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.
This initiative, a veritable national registry of museums and sites of cultural interest, is integrated with CulturaItalia, the Italian cultural portal. Like the latter, it is funded by e-gov 2012 Plan of the Department of Innovation and Technology of the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, now called the Agency for a Digital Italy.
The portal, which will make its online debut in the next few days, makes it possible to search for and compare works from collections belonging to a great many different insitutions, find information on temporary and permanent exhibitions throughout Italy, and track down information on state-owned monuments, facilities, collections, parks and gardens. It also provides news on infomobility and communication and awareness-raising campaigns on Italy’s cultural heritage targeting specific users.
All resources listed are also georeferrenced, making it possible to find on a map the museums and collections featured in the portal and digital display case.
MuseiD-Italia was established thanks to collaboration between local agencies, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage’s regional directorates, and museum hubs with the goal of drawing together existing digital resources and digitalizing new ones. It will also guarantee, as early as its first few weeks of life, the online visibility of some of the most noteworthy works from Italy’s museum, archaeological, environmental, architectural, historic, artistic, scientific, ethnic, and anthropological heritage.
MuseiD-Italia MuseiD-Italia


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