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Technical documentation

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Technical documentation


Software and user manuals



CulturaItalia/MuseiD-Italia endorses the application of the CC0 license for metadata. For digital resources, we apply the conditions determined by providers.


Digital collections


“MuseiD-Italia” project (realised under E-Gov Plan 2012)

The Project “MuseiD-Italia” has been realised under the E-Gov Plan 2012 issued by the Ministry for Public Service and Innovation, in execution of the Convention undersigned by the Digitisation of the Public Administration and Technologic Innovation Department, the Ministry for Public Service and Innovation, and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, and the subsequent Additional Acts of August 4, 2011 and June 28, 2012.

The Project “MuseiD-Italia” realised a national campaign for the digitisation of cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on the most important works hold by Italian museums in different fields (historical and artistical, technical and scientific, contemporary), and created the Central Digital Showcase, with a dedicated ‘MuseiD-Italia’ user interface, integrated with CulturaItalia portal, in order to activate services for preservation, promotion and reuse of Italian digital heritage.

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