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[Up in the clouds]


Up in the clouds

The recent discovery of a demon’s face hidden in a cloud in one of Giotto’s frescoes in Assisi shows that a widespread custom in Renaissance painting actually originated earlier. Artists who made use of this technique include Mantegna, Crivelli, Correggio and Titian

[Visiting the Galleries of Piazza Scala]


Visiting the Galleries of Piazza Scala

In the new museum inaugurated in Milan by Intesa Sanpaolo and the Fondazione Cariplo, a journey through the art history of the nineteenth century, from Canova to Boccioni, with particular attention to painting in Lombardy

[History and legend in Osimo’s caves]


History and legend in Osimo’s caves

The caves of this town in Le Marche fascinate visitors with their air of mystery and sacred rites. Above the ground, Osimo’s palaces, churches, and renowned museums also make for a pleasant and interesting visit

[Social reading, the community of readers goes online]


Social reading, the community of readers goes online

The community of readers in the web 2.0 era: a plethora of services to create and share virtual bookshelves and to provide and receive suggestions on good books

[Architecture and authority in the Longobard Kingdom]


Architecture and authority in the Longobard Kingdom

An itinerary through Langobardia Major and Langobardia Minor: from northern to southern Italy, a voyage of discovery focusing on the religious and civil buildings that were recently added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

[Memories of sport]


Memories of sport

Many museums are dedicated to sports and champion athletes. Most of them celebrate football, cycling, and motor racing

[Volterra, a treasure chest of art]


Volterra, a treasure chest of art

Volterra, an Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance city, boasts outdoor masterpieces and museums replete with treasures

[Sebastiano Ricci’s Dolomites]


Sebastiano Ricci’s Dolomites

Exploring the works of the painter in his land of origin: in the Church of San Pietro, in the Civic Museum and in the Palazzo Crepadona of Belluno and then in Feltre in the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

[Turin. Italy’s capital – of green space]


Turin. Italy’s capital – of green space

A journey to discover the Sabaudan city’s ample green spaces. Thanks to its many gardens, parks and forests, Turin boasts 12.6 square metres of public green areas per inhabitant

[Contemporary Naples]


Contemporary Naples

New arts spaces have sprung up all over the downtown and surrounding areas in recent decades.  Often built inside historic buildings, they host exhibitions, documentation and educational activities

[The Sardinian Interior: Barigadu, Marmillla and Trexenta]


The Sardinian Interior: Barigadu, Marmillla and Trexenta

Three areas waiting to be discovered offer a wealth of natural, archaeological and artistic treasures, making for a great tour of Sardinia off the beaten tourist track

[Rationalist Architecture – Experiments in Lombardy]


Rationalist Architecture – Experiments in Lombardy

Designers like Terragni, Cattaneo and Piacentini left their mark on a number of sites in Como, Milan, Brescia and Cremona. Their work in the 1940's signalled a new school of thought for cities, buildings and modernity as a whole.

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