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[Genoa, the magic of a special city]


Genoa, the magic of a special city

Wander through a maze of shaded alleyways and discover breathtaking views of the sea, architectural gems and unique atmospheres

[On the trail of the dragon in the Adda valley]


On the trail of the dragon in the Adda valley

In the Cremona district, from Pizzighettone to Ripalta Cremasca to Pandino: three riverside villages where interesting examples of fortified and castle architecture still survive and where echoes of ancient legends resound

[Dolomites, a world natural heritage site]


Dolomites, a world natural heritage site

The Alpine section has recently been included in UNESCO’s list of sites to safeguard: nine groups belonging to various provinces offer splendid views, rich and varied flora and fauna protected by park authorities, and valleys and villages with ancient traditions

[Dominican Salento, the “polycentric city” of convents]


Dominican Salento, the “polycentric city” of convents

In the province of Lecce, there are a number of architectural remnants of the Order of Preachers' settlement.  Their presence dates back to the 13th century; their goal, to curb the area's Byzantine influence

[Biking through Val Venosta]


Biking through Val Venosta

The bike trails from Passo Resia to Merano take you into nature, through little towns, and by churches, castles and museums

[Ariosto and Boiardo take you through the Reggian lands]


Ariosto and Boiardo take you through the Reggian lands

The cultural park named after the two chivalric poets uses literature as a means of getting to know the areas of Reggio Emilia, Scandiano, Albinea and Canossa

[Coins and medals: An Italian achievement]


Coins and medals: An Italian achievement

On the back of the Euro coins produced by the Mint, the image of Italy features – almost exclusively – elements of its cultural heritage.  Our country boasts of a prestigious numismatic tradition.

[Sardinia's “perdas fittas”]


Sardinia's “perdas fittas”

A journey into prehistory along the island's menhir roads

[Cy Twombly, italian inspirations]


Cy Twombly, italian inspirations

The American artist who considered himself a « Mediterranean painter » made Italy his second homeland.  Here he discovered that antiquity and mythology were alive and ever-present; here he found a country made up of innumerable layers, brimming with colors and resonant with poetry

[The memory of immigrants]


The memory of immigrants

A group of museums with a common mission: to preserve and raise awareness of the history of Italian emigration.  A powerful trend in this regard has risen up from different parts of the country, and a few new projects are now already underway

[On the heels of Art Nouveau]


On the heels of Art Nouveau

The hot springs of Salsomaggiore, the seaside resorts of Viareggio and Palermo: three places that symbolize Italian Art Nouveau

[The Flavians' New Rome]


The Flavians' New Rome

An itinerary through the Dynasty's greatest buildings and monuments, in commemoration of the two-thousand-year anniversary of the birth of Vespasian

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