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[The castles of Frederick II: a journey in time between history and mystery]


The castles of Frederick II: a journey in time between history and mystery

An itinerary in Apulia and Sicily to discover the fortified architecture of Frederick II: the buildings belong to different categories, from military to residential, but Castel del Monte remains an enigma

[A Visit to the Museum of Eastern Art in Turin]


A Visit to the Museum of Eastern Art in Turin

The new museum complex uses the transparency of glass as a metaphor for the  boundary between different cultures or different worlds.  Five galleries: South Asia, China, Japan, the Himalayas and Islamic countries

[Parma: the incredible frescoes by Correggio]


Parma: the incredible frescoes by Correggio

Three stops to admire Antonio Allegri’s masterpieces: the Camera della Badessa, the Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista, and the Cathedral

[The Savoiard Residences, Crowns of Delights]


The Savoiard Residences, Crowns of Delights

The Piedmont circuit featuring the homes of the Savoiard dynasty: architectural masterpieces designed by Castellamonte, Juvarra, Guarini, Palagi.  These complexes are heralding a new golden age with museums, exhibits, concerts, plays and a host of other activities.

[In Umbria, Along the Apennine trail]


In Umbria, Along the Apennine trail

A new guide to the region aims to promote an area rich with art, nature, spirituality and tradition, through a number of different itineraries

[Carrara and outlying area: A thousand shades of marble]


Carrara and outlying area: A thousand shades of marble

In the land of the famous quarries: Castelpoggio, Gragnana, Torano, Miseglia, Bedizzano and Colonnata

[Roman, Romanesque, Romantic: In a word, Verona]


Roman, Romanesque, Romantic: In a word, Verona

Not-to-be-missed stops in the city of lovers: the Arena, the Basilica of St. Zeno and Juliet’s House


Giotto and his era: Reflections of the Rimini School

In the City Museum and in the churches of the outlying area to admire works by Giuliano, Giovanni, Pietro, and the Master dell’Arengo


The Centuries-old Allure of a Home on Lake Garda

Catulla’s Grottoes, Palazzo Bettoni, the Vittoriale of the Italians: three eras, three gorgeous residences on the Lake


The Hills of Rome: A Panorama of History

Seven must-see stops in the capital: Aventine, Capitoline, Caelian, Esquiline, Quirinal, Viminal and Palatine Hills


The Route of the Phoenecians

Take a journey along the coasts of Sardinia and Sicily to admire the ancient ruins of ports, temples, cities and necropoli


Genova, City of Surprises

The Ancient Port, the New Streets and the System of Rolli, Palazzo Ducale, the winding alleys of the historic center: not-to-be-missed stops on an itinerary through Superba, a city that keeps you guessing

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