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Assisted search

Assisted search guidelines - beta version

The aim of the assisted search in CulturaItalia is to provide a tool that allows users to find meaningful results according to the Natural Language Processing. The system, starting from a textual query, search in specific fields for the so-called entities, extracting information that is classified according to predefined categories (work of art, author, date, place) and returning to the users with the most relevant results.

This guide will show some useful information to optimize the user experience, based on the CulturaItalia search engine structure.

- The assisted search recognizes the following entities: Concept; Person; Nationalities or religious or political groups; Buildings; Countries and cities; Location (not Nation or Cities); Product; Event; Work of art; Language; Date.

- The CulturaItalia search engine adopts the OR Boolean operator, with the exception of two entities: Author and Work of art

- Due to the search structured with OR Boolean operator, the users will obtain high number of occurrences, because the system will show all the records with at least one entity recognized. However, the most relevant results (with two or more entities recognized) will be listed before the other occurrences.

- Articles or prepositions included in the query could generate some problems with the assisted search. If you encounter some obstacles, we recommend trying to rephrase the query or to remove the article

- The search does not return the same results if you write pictures or pictures, painting or paintings. The use of the singular and plural produces different results in the search, because they are recognized as different entities;

- If the entities are not recognized, it can be useful to rephrase the sentence by changing the order of the words;

- If the sentence is excessively short, it can be useful to introduce in it an expression such as "I'm looking for the novel by Pirandello" instead of just writing "Pirandello novel";

- The search is key sensitive

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